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Sens Asia Travel, in only one year, has taken many international travelers to their dream destinations in Asia, always catering to individual or group needs. Whether that be an ‘off the beaten track’-type journey, a tour for food lovers or an excursion for those who would prefer to see the more famous sights, we’ve worked hard to meet our clients’ myriad needs.

To be experts on our destinations means we have to be passionate about travel ourselves, so luckily we have a team that lives and breathes travel. To celebrate our birthday, we took a team trip to the spectacular Mu Cang Chai, a mountainous region in Northern Vietnam. Read on to find out more about our creative, dynamic team and some of the shenanigans that occurred on our trip.

What are the things that inspire you most while working at Sens Asia Travel?

The team is young and dare to be different, that’s the thing that inspires me the most. Everybody works with their full energy and passion. Our leader, Ms. Linh Bui, sets no limit on our creativeness, so we continue to innovate new and exciting experiences for our clients.

Mr. Hung Le – Product Manager

sens asia team
sens asia team

How do you find working at Sens Asia?

Oh, I’m not merely ‘working’ at Sens Asia Travel, I’m ‘living’ here. Spending most of my day with these super amazing, crazy workmates. It’s been a great experience. We’re always willing to support each other, focus on customers and improve each member’s skills. The most important thing is the wonderful work environment. It makes my day, every day.

Mr. Dung Nguyen – Journey Planner

What part of your job do you find the most satisfying about working for Sens Asia?

This is a very creative and active working environment, we discuss travel destinations, travel news, promotion campaigns, sales ideas. And we share jokes, have fun which helps motivate the staff.

You went a bit overboard when purchasing produce on the trip to Mu Cang Chai?

Haha, this trip I bought very little compared with other field trips, like only 10 kgs of wild apples, three bunches of bitter spinach, three bags of young rice. That’s all.

sens asia team

Ms. Linh Do – Journey Planner

sens asia team

What do you love about working at Sens Asia?

The Sens Asia Travel team is like a family with its willingness to embrace all members’ strength and weaknesses, brilliance and craziness, the good and the about-to-be-better. Thus, everyone gets to be who they are, encouraged for their efforts and (lovingly) mocked for their silliness.

Ms. Thuong Dinh – Marketing Team

sens asia team

What has been your most memorable experience at Sens Asia Travel here so far?

I have had so many memorable events and experiences within the last year but I have two memories in particular that I really treasure. One is when the first online booking and transaction came through our website automatically. It proved that our hard work had paid off and technology didn’t fail us.

The second one is when I stood next to my whole team in Bangkok when we celebrated Group Holdings twenty-year anniversary and Sens Asia Travel’s one-year anniversary. I felt happy and fulfilled to see where we stand after one year. We have a solid, hardworking team, excellent feedback from clients and huge support from all the partners. It’s a great feeling!

– Ms Linh Bui, Managing Director

What have you gained in the recent team-building trip?

I gained life experience when I tried to live like the local Thai people in Mu Cang Chai: trekking through the rice terraces and traversing rivers, sleeping in stilt houses and eating some of the more extreme and interesting foods (like fried bees and grilled purple corn). I loved this trip and I hope one day I will come back to Mu Cang Chai.

Mr. Tung Pham – Marketing Team

sens asia team
sens asia team

 The team says you also gained and lost a few things in Mu Cang Chai. Would you care to elaborate?

The biggest loss for me was just my flip-flop (in the river!). However, I gained so much more than I lost. Firstly, I got a chance to go to a place where I’ve never been before. Secondly, I got to know my bosses and co-workers much better. And finally, I could be my crazy self.

Mr. Bao Vu – Graphic Designer

How have you changed since you started working for Sens Asia?

I’ve learned so many beautiful things about my homeland that I never knew before. I also have the opportunity to improve my skills and find out what I really love.

Mr. Dung Nguyen – Journey Planner

What was your first impression of Sens Asia Travel when you began working here?

I can be a friend of anyone but I am quite picky when it comes to my working environment since I work as a designer. So, at first, I didn’t really know for sure that I would fit in well or not. I thought ‘So I will work with these people, how can I fit in, are they good?’ Those were my thoughts at the beginning.

Mr. Bao Vu – Graphic Designer

What have been your happiest moments working at Sens Asia Travel to date?

The happiest moments are when we receive good feedback from our clients, that means we are on the right way and clients are happy with what we are doing.

Also, the shared experience, knowledge and personalities of the team. Some people might think there is nothing fun about working, but that’s not true in our case, we make everything related to the job fun and happy. We love working together.

Mr. Hung Le – Product Manager

sens asia team

The whole trip was like dream-walking between worlds of contrast. One minute I was seeing curvy roads and wildflowers bathed in golden sunlight. Then when I next opened my eyes we were charging through the cloudy, fog-filled road into the unknown. One minute I fell asleep with the rhythmic sound of pouring rain against the car window. The next minute I woke to the sound of my travel fellows gasping at the glorious beauty of northern Vietnam as rays of sunshine illuminated the vivid green of the mountains after the rain. One minute I closed my eyes to the lovely rock ballads playing on the radio, then the next minute my eyes were opened, thanks to the boisterous laughter filling the air as my fellow travelers began singing off-key to some silly, mashed-up songs.

Mu Cang Chai, Oct 2017
Sens Asia Travel.


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